【impression】Favero assioma power meter pedals /Comparison with Pioneer power meter


Hello everyone.

This article explains the impression of Assioma.

and Comparison with Pioneer power meter


About Favero Assioma

Favero,is a long-established Italian brand.

Designed and manufactured electronic sports equipment for more than 30 years and has a solid reputation in more than 110 countries worldwide.

also Favero is sponsored by the Italian professional continental team [Bardiani-CSF].

Supplied Favero’s pedal-type power meter bePRO to CSF In 2018 Giro d’Italia.

so Performance is reliable.

 Asioma is the successor to bePRO.

assioma home page



 ± 1% by IAV power system

Click here for more information on IAV Power Systems
Also automatic temperature compensation enables accurate and consistent watt measurements in rain, snow, mud, and all weather conditions at temperatures from -10 ° C to 60 ° C.

Calibration only needs to be done once at the time of attach your bike.


Approximately 152g per side

Wow ultegra is heavyΣ( ̄□ ̄|||)


Up to 50 hours on a single charge

Type of binding

Look KEO

Originally I used Shimano, but there is no particular discomfort.

but the center of gravity of the pedal is closer to the center than Shimano, so the pedal may spin around when you apply the cleat, making it slightly difficult to fit.

※Comes with cleats as accessories
※Not compatible with Shimano

WirelessW type

ANT+ and bluetooth

You can also use both at the same time.



About 700$

Half price of Pioneer Pedaling Monitor.

Cost performance is good!

Warranty period

2 years
It is not likely to break because it is made firmly.

Initial setting method

After attaching the pedal, activate using the dedicated app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.
※If you do not activate, the power will not be displayed.

Comparison of measured values ​​with Pioneer pedaling monitor

※Blue is assioma/Red is Pioneer

Assioma measured 6% more power than the pioneer pedaling monitor.
(※When re-measured at a later date, the result of about 3% assioma was higher.The pedaling monitor has an error of ± 2% and the error of assioma has a nominal value of ± 1%.)

assioma seems to respond faster to power fluctuations than pioneer pedaling monitors.

Soif you want to know the instantaneous power such as sprint, assioma may be able to measure more accurately

 There are two GarminΣ(・□・;)


Compared to other manufacturers’ pedal-type power meters such as two-leg measuring crank type power meters, garmin, and powertaps, the price is much lower, so I think it’s a good value.

Also, even if the measurement power is different from the power meter you have been using, you can adjust the measurement power with the dedicated application and measure the power as before.

Assioma also has a model that can measure power on only one side, so even those who are worried about budget can purchase it with confidence.

I am very satisfied with my use(^▽^)/

It is a perfect item for those who want to do power training or are considering a replacement.

Thank you for reading.


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